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Removable Bollard


-Removable bollard is usually used for convenient store or the entrance exit of supermarkt.It provides the most flexible choice.You can control the traffic with it or remove it at any time.

-The removable bollard aims at low frequency access control,it provides the best effective solution.Removable bollard can also work together with other series bollards.

-Removable bollard is easy to install,concrete slab is enough.



A.Economical & Practical,easy installation.

B.Stop the access of illegal vehicle.

C.Realize the flexible control on low frequency access.




Raise the bollard.

-Reflector band

Reflective crystal lattice glossed color options with a variety of colors,ecposure to weak light,clearly visible at night.


304 stainless steel

316 stainless steel

Carbon steel with sprayed electrophoresis painting.

-Lock Base

Bollards with a key to the base,after the upper surface of buried flush with the ground,keys can be locked or released.

Orient and lock.

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