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Company Name: Nanjing ICHO Storage Equipment Co. Ltd.
Address:21th Floor, 1 Hanzhong Road, Jiangye Dist., Nanjing 210029
Tel : 86 25 66910240
Fax : 86 25 66910250
About Us
About ICHO
Nanjing ICHO Storage Equipment Co. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing equipment for logistics industry. Through years of effort and experience accumulated, we can provide pre-sales consultation, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance etc. services and supports. We possess a sophisticated technical team, dedicated to project design, structure optimize and new product development, which makes our products mostly suit to clients¡¯ requirements.
Up to today, we have successfully completed thousands of projects for all walks of life. Every client has its specific needs, ICHO always focus on improving satisfaction, to provide quality product and excellent services.
We persistently carry on ISO9001 and ISO14000 standards, and also design and produce to comply with AS4084-2012 and FEM, which make ICHO products sellable all over the world.
Reduce cost, optimize product structure, guarantee quality and improve service are the targets ICHO always has pursued. ICHO products have been sold to over 40 countries in South America, South Africa, Australia, Middle East etc. Exports take up about 30% of the company¡¯s annual turnover.
Please contact us for more information, ICHO sincerely expect to work with you!
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